Enterprise Patient Monitoring Made Simple

SafeNSound is an all-in-one patient monitoring software as a service that automatically connects, tracks & trends, communicates, and reports on all patient monitoring events. 

Streamlined Patient Management

Spacelabs SafeNSound patient management provides a streamlined workflow process with near real-time data giving you insight to all your patients no matter where you are.

Alarms & Vitals

Orders Management

Throughput Tracking


Simple Communication

Communication challenges from central monitoring rooms to caregivers on the floor can lead to adverse events. Spacelabs SafeNSound solves this by offering a full communication platform built right into the system

Click to Call

Quick Messages

Alerts & Notifications

Highest Data Resolution Available

Spacelabs SafeNSound uses a secure API interface direct from the XTR or Bedside monitor to gather data down to a millisecond resolution making it one of the most advanced and data rich patient management systems in the world. 

Millisecond Data Resolution

Research Center Platform

Advance Insights & Reports

Spacelabs SafeNSound reports are simple yet powerful. Arming you with all the right data to make effective clinical decisions for both the patients and the organization.

Alarm Modeling

Staff Management

Workflow Reporting

Daily & Weekly Reports

Text Message Alerts

Amazon Alexa Integration

Spacelabs SafeNSound proactively identifies network issues with monitors and improves patient monitoring device management through simple text messages and voice commands with Amazon Alexa Business.

Managing Devices Made Simple


Options For Any Size Healthcare System

Device Reporting

Alarm Reporting

Alerts & Notifications



Per Device*

All Standard Features +

Device to Patient Pairing

PDF Waveforms to EMR

Single Sign On



Per Device*

*Some options may require a Software Support Agreement.

All Professional Features +

Patient Management

Vitals & Waveforms

Staff Assignments

Integrated Communication

Advanced Reporting

Add-on Systems Included


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